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labratory with workers

For more than a century, BRYAN 360 renewable has been building the future of energy and developing a diverse portfolio of energy resources, including carbon-free nuclear, advanced carbon capture technologies, natural gas, renewables, energy efficiency and storage technology. To accomplish this, we invest heavily in research and development (R&D) and innovative energy solutions. We lead the U.S. utility industry in the development, funding and demonstration of innovative research necessary to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. Our aim is to develop the customized energy solutions our customers and communities require to drive growth and prosperity. In addition to R&D, we invest in early-stage energy technology companies and solutions through entities such as our New Ventures organization and Energy Impact Partners (EIP).


The future needs of our customers demand a company capable of offering every source of energy. Key to BRYAN 360 renewable’s innovation leadership is establishing an effective R&D strategy roadmap and investing in the future of energy.