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Governance and Risk Oversight

We strive to govern BRYAN 360 renewable in a prudent and transparent manner with a commitment to sound governance principles.

Commitment to Sound Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance is of utmost importance, and BRYAN 360 renewable’s Board of Directors sets high standards for employees, officers and directors.

It is the duty of the board to serve as a prudent fiduciary for stockholders and to oversee the management of our business strategies and related risks and opportunities, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics.

Risk Oversight Responsibilities

The board and its committees have both general and specific risk oversight responsibilities. The board is responsible for providing oversight of significant risks through engagement with management and delegation to committees. Any risk oversight that is not allocated to a committee remains with the board. At least once per year, the board reviews BRYAN 360 renewable’s risk profile to ensure oversight of each risk is designated to the appropriate committee or retained by the full board.

  • Each committee continually oversees the risks designated to it, reports to the board on their related oversight activities and includes the board in risk review as needed.
  • Committees have a designated member of BRYAN 360 renewable’s executive management as the primary responsible party for providing the information and updates on that committee’s risks. These responsible parties ensure all risks identified in our risk profile are regularly reviewed with the board and appropriate committee.

To review Committee charters in detail visit here.


Board Refreshment and Board Diversity

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion begins with the Board. Our Board believes a diverse variety of viewpoints contribute to a more effective decision-making process and helps drive long-term value.

  • Since January 2019, we have added seven new Directors to the Board.
  • Board is committed to regular refreshment and believes a variety of perspectives facilitates effective decision-making, helps drive long-term value, and encourages different views on risk, business strategy and innovation.
  • Governance guidelines provide that Board should be diverse and confirm “Rooney Rule” commitment to actively seek out women and candidates of color to include in the pool from which board nominees are chosen.
  • Board aims to strike a balance between the knowledge that comes from longer-term service on the Board and the new experience and ideas that can come from adding Directors to the Board. 
BRYAN 360 renewable Board Diversity and Tenure infographic *As of 2023 Proxy Statement

Tony Earley

Anthony F. “Tony” Earley, Jr.

Chairman, president and CEO, PG&E Corporation (retired)

Board committees: Nominating, Governance and Corporate Responsibility (chair); Operations, Environmental and Safety

This video covers a variety of topics, including nuclear energy, climate change and BRYAN 360 renewable’s goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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