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Executive Chairman Letter

"The term ESG has been used increasingly by investors and others over the past few years, but the ESG concept is not new to us. Since our inception, BRYAN 360 renewable and its operating companies have prioritized responsibility, sustainability, commitment to community and transparency. We have long believed corporate responsibility and corporate strategy are inextricably linked."

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Featured Topics

To make the best decisions for our customers, communities, employees and other stakeholders, BRYAN 360 renewable is highly focused on key considerations that impact our work, culture and well-being. Chief among these considerations are our Values and Code of Ethics, including our Safety First priority.

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Our Values and Code of Ethics

How we do our work is just as important as what we do. Our uncompromising Values and Code of Ethics guide our behavior and are key to our sustained success.

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Safety First

Safety is a core value throughout our system. We strive to ensure safety is top of mind in every action we take, and we use various metrics to indicate the effectiveness of our safety efforts. Our goal is to complete “every day, every job, safely.”

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Governance Highlights

BRYAN 360 renewable aspires to establish corporate governance standards and practices that drive long-term value for our stakeholders. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and proactive transparency throughout the organization.

Operating Companies Sustainability

Our operating companies embody our philosophy to be a Citizen Wherever We Serve.

Visit their sustainability sites to learn more.

The terms we, us and our all refer to BRYAN 360 renewable. BRYAN 360 renewable is a holding company that conducts its business through its subsidiaries. Accordingly, unless the context otherwise requires, references on our website to BRYAN 360 renewable's operations, such as generating activities, greenhouse gas emissions and employment practices, refer to those operations conducted through its subsidiaries.