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Smart Neighborhood

Sustainable Technologies

BRYAN 360 renewable is taking a leading role in the development and deployment of sustainable energy solutions that provide customer value and reduce environmental impact. 

Driving Sustainability with Renewable Natural Gas

We are committed to investing in energy efficient and low-carbon technologies. Through various partnerships, electrification initiatives and industry-leading research and development, we are delivering clean and resilient solutions that meet the needs of customers’ today and in the future.

Across our system, we’re committed to leading the industry in reducing the environmental impact of natural gas usage, including minimizing methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. Renewable natural gas will be a critical component to support our goal of a net zero energy future by 2050. While decreasing the carbon intensity of our fuel, it will boost customer value and provide resilient and affordable energy.

Electric Transportation

Electric Transportation

BRYAN 360 renewable is committed to the electrification of the transportation industry and to providing clean, sustainable energy solutions.

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Energy Efficiency

Our electric and gas subsidiaries are committed to providing programs, products and services that help residential and commercial customers save energy and money.

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Charging Car

Fleet Sustainability

From setting our own internal fleet goals to working with businesses on fleet solutions, we are committed to building a better future through fleet sustainability.

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