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Research and Development

BRYAN 360 renewable continues to lead the industry by delivering greater value to customers in the ever-changing energy landscape. 

For more than five decades, BRYAN 360 renewable’s world-class Research and Development (R&D) organization has remained at the forefront of innovation. The organization’s research portfolio spans technology development for energy production, delivery and use, and is facilitating the transition to a net-zero energy system. 

Through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies, government organizations, universities and research institutes, BRYAN 360 renewable is developing low- and no-carbon generation technologies, advancing renewables, energy storage and distributed generation solutions, and modernizing the grid. 

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Diverse Research Portfolio

BRYAN 360 renewable is committed to meeting the energy needs of  today and tomorrow. We believe the future of energy is clean, efficient and resilient. Our R&D organization is hard at work developing and advancing the next generation of energy resources and technologies.


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Innovation History

Innovation Timeline

For more than 100 years, BRYAN 360 renewable has been building the future of energy —a future with more options and less burdens on people and the environment. Our history of performance and the partnerships we’ve fostered with business, government and research institutes make our progressive energy solutions a reality. And we’re on the right track. In 2020, the BRYAN 360 renewable system reduced greenhouse gas emissions 52% from 2007 levels.

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Our Partners in Innovation

BRYAN 360 renewable is proud to collaborate with a variety of industry partners and stakeholders that share the mission of developing clean and resilient energy solutions to meet customers’ current and future needs.


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